Who We Are

We are a local, independent automotive repair facility located in South Austin and are committed to offering certified, quality repairs at very competitive prices. We have been in business since 1994 repairing both  foreign and domestic vehicles. We understand the growing complexities of modern automobiles and the need for educated professionals to service them. It is our principle belief that every repair starts with a correct diagnosis. Only when empowered with a  correct diagnosis, can the proper repair be performed. Our mission at Lopez Auto Repair and Diagnostics is to be an asset to our community by providing much needed automotive repairs at fair prices and to be committed to excellence, honesty and to our customers. We have been servicing vehicles in Austin for over 20 years and we look forward to serving Austin for at least another 20 more.

 Why Choose Us

Honesty. We understand that when it comes to automotive repairs, even understanding what you’re being explained can be confusing. When you’re told you need a new egr valve and tps sensor, do you simply nod in agreement because you don’t even know what that means? Do you wonder if you really need both parts and not just one? We’ll tell you exactly what repairs your car needs, why it needs them, and if those repairs can wait.  That’s why it’s important to choose an automotive facility you can trust.  That’s why people choose us.
Knowledge. Most repair shops don’t have mechanics that studied electrical and mechanical engineering and that’s what sets us apart. Our expertise allows us to test components at a level far beyond the typical testing procedures. We have access to factory level information for most car makes and up to date scanners so that we can correctly diagnose and repair your vehicle. From theory to practice, we know your car.

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